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Laboratory Apparatus

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Laboratory Apparatus

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Barrette = measures volume of solution
Clay triangle = a wire frame with porcelain used to support a crucible
Wire gauze = used to spread heat of a burner flame
Test tube - used as holder of small amount of solution
Forceps - holds or pick up small objects
Graduated cylinder - measures approximate volume
Graduated pipette - measures solution volumes
Condenser - used in distillation
Crucible - used to heat a small amount of a solid substance at a very high temperature
Beaker - a liquid-measuring container
clay triangle - a wire frame with porcelain used to support a crucible
test tube - used as holder of small amount of solution
condenser - used in distillation
funnel - used to transfer solids and liquids without spilling
thermometer - measures temperature
balance - measures mass of material
pH meter - measures acidity of solutions
centrifuge - separates materials of varying density
pipette - used to transfer measured substances into another vessel
droppers - for addition of liquids, drop by drop
glass funnels - for funneling liquids from one container to another, or for filtering when equipped with filter paper.
Ring stand (with rings or clamps) - for holding pieces of glassware in place.
Test-tube holders - for holding test tubes when tubes should not be touched
Wash bottles - for dispensing small quantities of distilled water.
Watch glasses - for holding small samples or for covering beakers or evaporating dishes
Beam Balance - Used to find the mass of various materials.
Electronic Balance - Used to find the mass of materials. This particular balance is not as precise as the beam balance.
Bunsen burner - Shown with rubber hose connected to gas jet. Used to heat materials in lab.
Triple beam balance - is a type of balance commonly used in the laboratory to determine the mass (only the mass) of items or things.
Bottle – can be used for storage, for mixing and for displaying.
Evaporating Dish - is used to heat and evaporate liquids.
Florence Flask - is used for heating substances that need to be heated evenly. The bulbed bottom allows the heat to distribute through the liquid more evenly. The Florence Flask is mostly used in distillation experiments.
Food Coloring - is used in many experiments to show color change and to make the experiment more exciting.
Micro spatula - is used for moving small amounts of solid from place to place.
Mortar and Pestle - are used to crush solids into powders for experiments, usually to better dissolve the solids.
Paper Towels - are essential to the lab environment. They will be used in almost every lab.
Pipet - is used for moving small amounts of liquid from place to place. They are usually made of plastic and are disposable
Stir Rod - are used to stir things. They are usually made of glass. Stir Rods are very useful in the lab setting.
Test tube Brush - is used to easily clean the inside of a test tube.
Test tube Rack - is used to hold test-tube while reactions happen in them or while they are not needed.
Tongs - are used to hold many different things such as flasks, crucibles, and evaporating dishes when they are hot.
Triangle - is used to hold crucibles when they are being heated. They usually sit on a ring stand
Volumetric Flask - is used to measure one specific volume. They are mostly used in mixing solutions where a one liter or one half a liter is needed.
Watch Glass - is used to hold solids when being weighed or transported. They should never be heated.
Buret - is used in titrations to measure precisely how much liquid is used.
Dropper – are used to transfer small quantities of liquids
Reagent Bottle – used as a container where you put chemicals that can't be thrown in the sink.
Electronic Balance – it is a balance which shows the weight of a substance digitally and is used to weigh chemicals in labs
Filter Funnel – used for separating solids from liquids via the laboratory process of filtering
Flat Bottomed Flask – are vessels (containers) which fall into the category of laboratory equipment known as glassware
Plastic Wash Bottle – useful for easily marking and identifying various types if chemicals and solvents.
Alcohol lamp – serves as a source of heat for laboratory activity
Clay triangle – is used to hold a crucible while the crucible is heated.
Iron stand – It is a laboratory
equipment used to hold or support beakers during experiments.
Wing top – is an accessory that can be used with a bunsen burner to provide a
broad flat fan flame, similar to that of a fishtail.
Cork - It is used to cover flasks so that the oxygen or any mixture will not get out of the container.
Erlenmeyer flask - are used to measure, mix, and store liquids

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